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Safety, Payment and Policies

Rides and Games is an Inflatable Rental and Bounce House Rentals Company in Brevard County, Florida. Our units are constructed for commercial use. We do not rent units that are sold in retail locations or discount centers. Our units are constructed from heavy duty vinyl material.

Rules and Safety   |    Payment & Cancellation Policies



We will ensure your inflatable rental equipment is properly set up and safe for use. When the proper safety measures are taken, everyone can enjoy a bounce house, water slide, or bouncer!

Safety Rules An adult needs to supervise each bouncer to ensure each child’s safety.

  1. Adult supervision of all children is required at all times.
  2. Bounce houses are designed for children.
  3. Children in jump houses should be close in age.
  4. Divide children by ages and give each group their own time to bounce, jump or slide in our jump bounce houses and slides.
  5. Remove shoes before using jump bounce house, or slides.
  6. Keep all sharp objects away from inflatable units and out of pockets.
  7. Keep all pets away from inflatable jump bounce houses, and slide units.
  8. Keep all food, drinks and snacks away from bounce houses.
  9. Deflate jump bounce houses and slides in strong wind or thunderstorms.



Deposits and Payment
No deposit is required. Payment may be made by cash or credit card and is due upon delivery.

Weather Policy
If it is too windy we will not set up a bouncer. You will not be charged if the bounce house is not setup. However, if the bounce house is set up and weather conditions change after setup, no refunds will be granted.

In case of cancellation we would appreciate notice as soon as possible as our drivers have scheduled routes.

No Silly String
Silly string ruins vinyl.