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Sponge Bob Party Ideas

30 Jul, 2015
Sponge Bob Party Ideas

Sponge Bob Party Invitations

Sponge Bob Party Invitations on a SpongeYou know the drill. Before we can plan the party, we have to plan the guest list, and before we plan the guest list, we need invitations.  Thank goodness that a creative mom made these SpongeBob party invitatins using a sponge! Find out how on her blog.

Can't find yellow sponges?  Here are some more customizable Sponge Bob Party invitations:

Sponge Bob Party Snacks

So we couldn't find the secret ingredient for a Krabby Patty.  Mr. Krabs is a stingy crustacean.  We did, however, find some great snacks with tutorials!  Check them out below.

Sponge Bob Party Decorations

DIY Krabby Patty BalloonsNow it's time to decorate!  We're sure that there are plent of screen printed balloons out there, but these DIY krabby patty ballons are so original!

Parties need more than balloons! Here are some othe fun decorations we found around the web.

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Header image by Jon Ovington | Image cropped, bordered, and taken from Flickr under Creative Commons 2.0

Sponge Man Bounce House

Sponge Man Bounce HouseOur Sponge Man Bounce house is perfect for Sponge Bob-themed parties! All of our bounce houses are made of commercial-grade material, and we deliver in Brevard County.

Here are a few more nautical inflatables for your viewing pleasure: