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Monster Truck Party Ideas

29 Jul, 2015
Monster Truck Party Ideas

Monster trucks are big, powerful, and AWESOME.  At least that's what we hear from the kids who've used our Monster truck bouncers. So if you're little ones go nuts for these massive machines, a Monster Truck birthday party is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

We've scoured the Internet for monster truck party ideas, and we've added some of our favorites for your enjoyment.

Monster Truck Party Invitations

Monster Truck Party InvitationsSo you've figured out that you want a Monster Truck party.  Now you've got to get the kids to show up!  

Fun, eye-catching invitations are a great way to get the word out.  Store bought invitations are fun, but Etsy has affordable and customizable invitation templates.

Here are just a few of our favorite invitations for a monster truck birthday party:

Monster Truck Cake

Muddy Monster Truck Cake

It can be hard to find tutorials for advanced cakes, but has a ton of great cakes with helpful descriptions.  For this massive monster truck, they followed these instructions:

  • Use 2 mini angel food cake pans for the tires.
  • Use a toothpick to add texture to the tires.
  • Ice the tires and the windows with black icing.
  • Use red frosting and a star tip to frost the body of the truck.
  • Use black frosting and a piper to add the front and back bumpers
  • Use a crumbled up chocolate cake and melted frosting to make the mud.

Check out their website for the rest!

Monster Truck Party Decorations

Monster Truck Center PieceThe invitations are out, and you've purchased ingredients for the cake.  It's time for decorations!  We've found three complete monster truck party themes.  These parties have it all: decorations, snacks, party favors, and more.  Hopefully it gives you the inspiration to finish planning your monster truck party."

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Header Image Credit: Monster Truck Cake by b0jangles | Image taken from Flickr under Creative Commons 2.0 | Image was cropped, and a border was added.

Monster Truck Inflatables

Monster Truck Bounce HouseNow for entertainment...  Why not a Monster Truck Bounce house? It goes with the theme, our inflatables are all made of commercial grade material, and we'll deliver the bounce house to the location of your choice!

Here are a couple of our truck themed inflatables: