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City of Palm Bay: Delivery and Party Planning

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Palm Bay Florida

Palm Bay, the city of outdoor adventure and natural beauty. We look forward to providing your parties with bounce houses and water sldies!  

Back yards are the most popular spot for bounce house parties, but local parks offer abundant space and ample utilities.  If you'd like to host your bounce house party at a local park, we're happy to help!

Because of municipal laws, space restrictions, and access to electricity, it's easier to set up bounce houses in county parks. Below you'll find a list of county parks that we've worked with before. For a full list of parks in Southern Brevard county, please visit the Brevard County Parks and Recreation website.

Park Address Features
Palm Bay Regional Park 1951 Malabar Road NW
Palm Bay, FL 32907
(321) 952-3231
  • Community center
  • Gymnasium
  • Small pavilion

Header image by from Kirby Collins | Image taken from Flickr under Creative Commons 2.0